CORP OF ENGINEER LAKES, SHORELINE, AND LANDS- Permission has been granted only on pre-disturbed site, such as beaches and attached swimming areas. Metal detecting at new Corp lakes and lands must be approved by the District Office of the Army Corp of Engineers. Each area of the state has a district office.

CITY OR COUNTY PARKLAND- Most are open to metal detecting unless notice is given by a sign or city ordinance. This can be checked by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department in the city you wish to use your detector.

PUBLIC SCHOOL GROUNDS- Most all are open to metal detecting unless notice is given by a sign, city ordinance, law enforcement, or school employee. You should check with the school office first. Never hunt school grounds during school hours or when students are present. Likewise, do not use shovels, knives or other sharp pointed recovery tools on school property.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND ACADEMIES- You must acquire permission!! You can check with their office first. These should be viewed as private property. The same cautions as those that apply to public school property apply here as well.

PRIVATELY OWNED LAND (PRIVATE PROPERTY)- You must acquire permission!! Permission should come from the landowner. Also it is best to have that permission in writing.

BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT (BLM) LANDS- Some areas of their lands are open for use of metal detecting, and some are not. Contact the local BLM district office for the area you wish to hunt.