2021 Metal Detecting Event



Twenty years ago, activity directory (Nolan Underwood-deceased) for the Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville, Texas and myself worked to provide a new activity for the handicap children that attend the Camp each year. We planned it so that we could teach each child the fun of metal detecting for hidden treasure beneath their feet/wheelchair. At the same time we would teach the counselors from foreign countries that volunteered their time at the Camp each year so that their could continue the activity after our annual visit. Little did Nolan or I know that by doing this, the counselors would take this idea of a new activity back home with them and also offer it to such camps in their own countries around the world. The teaching was offer to all campers regardless of their handicap. We taught the campers that were blind to listen to the detector and follow the detector rod downward to the ground to search for the hidden treasure. We used lights that fit in the headphone jacks to teach the deaf or they could learn to feel the vibration of the sound from the speaker. We taught the wheel chaired to detect away from their chair and spot the ground where the strongest signal came from, then row over to it and dig for the treasure. The children all loved the activity and look forward to our visit each year, as do the counselors.

I have received a number of letters and even a few phone calls from parents of these wonderful kids thanking me and our group for teaching such an activity to their own child.

Had one mother call me and said her child had her buy a detector and that the child has asked and hunted most every yard on their block. The mother also said she has to take the child to the city park at the very least once a week for her to metal detect from her wheel chair. Nothing fills your heart than a story like this, except seeing the big smiles on the many children as we teach them to enjoy the hobby as we enjoy it. Sorry, but I just can’t say it any better than that! Keith Wills


Please consider coming and helping us work with these wonderful children. Any donations of foreign coins would be much appreciated and we’ll try listing all that do on the WWATS website at www.wwats.org . Many thanks for all the years of support, help and donations; especially the TAMDC (Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs) for all their long time attendance and support. Thank you sincerely, Keith Wills, VP WWATS & member of TAMDC