1. Respect the rights and property of others
  2. Do not detect without the land owner's permission
  3. Observe all laws, whether National, State, or Local
  4. Aid Law Enforcement Officials whenever possible
  5. Never destroy historical or archaeological structures
  6. Never destroy, damage or deface public or private property, or what is left of ghost towns or deserted structures
  7. Leave land and vegetation as it was
  8. Remove and properly dispose of all trash and litter when you leave
  9. Leave gates and enclosures as found
  10. Do not tamper with land owner signs, structural facilities, or equipment
  11. Take precautions when digging towards a target where underground conditions are unknown.
  12. All metal detectorists may be judged by the example you set. Always conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous with consideration for others.

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