Terry has been a successful treasure hunter for many, many years and has hunted all across the states investing his time into his favorite hobby; metal detecting. He has served as president and hunt master for several clubs throughout the years as well, and even has his own metal detecting service called Tales from the Soil. Terry truly found his calling in life, not just a husband, father and grandfather but as a provider for his family and historian for the world. Having such an avid collection of finds and numerous stories to tell, Terry's favorite places to hunt are civil war sights and of course...

Ghost Town Hunting.

Because of Terry's expertise in metal detecting it has landed him several hunting opportunities, but finding an old Ghost Town and recovering lost articles there is one the most rewarding and outstanding moments a detectorist could hope for. And his rewards have paid off!

The Kilgore College Oil Museum is notorious all on its' own, not just because of the infamous Rangerettes or the Million Dollar Oilfield Acre but because it houses precious memories from Kilgore's past including a replica of the old oilfield boom town in it's once glory days of muddy streets, saloons and roughnecks. The Oil Museum is a must stop for any tourist or local family when they want to learn more about this historical town. So needless to say when Terry was asked to display some of his finds from Texas Ghost Towns, he simply couldn't resist.

If you haven't been to the Kilgore College Oil Museum then you simply must go! And if you happen to attend between now and November 26, 2019 you will get a chance to see Terry's phenomenal display of finds.

Congratulations Terry on this esteem honor!!

Happy Hunting :)

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