Hunting the beaches of Galveston is one of Scott's favorite pastimes, one can just image the many treasures found after Spring Break and Vacation season is over. Finding lost treasures can make a person feel proud or lucky, maybe even thinking it'll payoff the cost of this detector in the long run, but for Scott it's about a little more than that. It's about finding a lost treasure and returning it. Which is what happened in this case... May 12, 2019 Scott was doing what he does best (beach hunting) when he came about yet another great ring find! A Texas A&M Fightn' Aggie Ring... but Scott didn't want to add this ring to his collection of rings, no, he wanted to return it to its' rightful owner. After a little detective work Scott found him and was able to return it on May 19, 2019 to Matthew Miller. Happy reunion indeed! Happy enough that Matthew wrote a post not only to Scott but also to The Association of Former Students Facebook page. Hunting has its' rewards but nothing like returning a precious gem to a long lost owner!!

Fightn' Aggies - letter written by Matthew R. Miller, A&M Class of 2019

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