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"Bad Andy" Chronicles
     *Episode IV


Bobby Sullivan
CS Sales and Services

Earlier this year Minelab sent Bobby to Austin to do some basic training on Minelab metal detectors with someone who would be using them in a History Channel special program.
The person he trained was Tim Kennedy and the program is History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler” which began showing this past week. It airs Tuesday nights @ 9pm.

Looks like it is going to be an interesting series and 
                          Way To Go Bobby Sullivan!!!
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Congratulations to our first New Year 2019 featured hunter!! Exciting times can happen anywhere as long as you pay attention.  Luckily Herman (with Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club) was in the right place at the right time, and was able to use his skills to help track down a missing ring. 

Way to go Herman Denzler!!

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Congratulations to our SECOND 2019 Featured Hunter!! Reaping life's rewards one ring at a time!!  Scott (with Galveston Island Treasure Club) works hard and hunts well, with his many finds to prove it.  But Scott prefers to reap a deeper gratification, one that touches the hearts of so many.  

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